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At ICN Computer Services we offer a wide range of computer-related products and services aimed at both Business and Residential customers.

Below is a list of the services that we currently offer, but we will also be happy to talk to you regarding any of your IT related requirements:
  • New PC's - custom made to match your specific requirements
  • Repairs - resolving issues on all makes of PC's and Printers.
  • Upgrades - advice, supply and installation of upgrade components e.g. Memory, Processors or Graphics cards.
  • PC Security - Removing Virus or Spyware infections, and how to improve the protection on your Network or standalone PC.
  • Network Installations - Wireless or Wired Network installations.
  • System Setup - setting up your PC or network to achieve optimum performance, by removing system bottlenecks.
  • Internet Connections - Configuring Broadband or Dial Up connections, along with any email settings. 
  • PC Healthchecks - identifying problems, clearing unnecessary or malevolent files, and improving overall system performance.

Current Price List and Support Levels (effective Jan 2008)

  • Call us for New PC or Network installation pricing

  • Maintenance Agreements to cover your PC (starting from as little as 60 for one year)

  • No Call Out Fees will be charged to any customers within Leicestershire

  • Chargeable call rates from as little as 29.79/hour exclusive of VAT

  • Support is available 9am - 9pm, 7 days a week (excluding Bank Holidays)

    ICN Computer Services
    Telephone: 0116 2395389
    email: support@icncomputers.co.uk